Pietrzak for President in 2016
Friday, September 19, 2003
Candidate Pietrzak unveils new election strategy
A spokesman from Pietrzak for President has released information on a the strategy coming out of the Pietrzak political machine. The as yet unnamed strategy continues the push for the Presidential race in 2016 while transferring some short-term emphasis to other races that will build the candidate's portfolio. Although details weren't immediately available, sources close to Pietrzak say that he will attempt to become a NH delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

An anonymous source inside Pietrzak's office was quoted as saying "Delegates need to be representative of the American people and of the Democratic Party. [Pietrzak] is ideal because he is a young person and as such, he is a member of a traditionally under-represented social group in modern politics."

Jason Pietrzak has been touring the state in recent weeks and meeting with people from all walks of life. Analysts have speculated that the candidate is attempting to shore up support in NH so that he can eventually use NH to spring onto the national scene.
Friday, September 05, 2003
NH business leaders endorse candidate Pietrzak
NH business leaders, including Greg Grappone of the Grappone Companies, hosted a dinner yesterday evening where they voiced their support for presidential candidate Jason Pietrzak in 2016.

"You've got my vote" said Grappone excitedly to the assembled crowd of business leaders and politicians.

Candidate Pietrzak listened and responded to several NH voters before finally giving a brief speech himself. Pietrzak also explained to the assembled guests that he would be more than happy to accept their "more than generous" campaign donation offers, but first, explained Pietrzak "I'm looking into all of the laws and regulations." Pietrzak is being careful not to accept any illegal donations of any kind, he is known as a Washington-outsider-maverick candidate who "never lies."

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